Fiber Optics

Shelby Electric is building a portfolio of successful fiber optics projects that are revolutionizing the way digital information is carried over long distances.

Shelby Electric is a fiber optic cable installer / contractor offering a wide range of optical fiber services, including installs of single or multimode fiber; fiber optic cable testing & certification; and fiber optic cable termination (ST – SC – LC – MTRJ connectors). We will ensure quality control throughout the process and strive to exceed your expectations each step of the way.

Fiber Optic Termination, Certification & Testing
•Single Mode Fiber
•Multi Mode Fiber Optic Cabling
•Fiber Optic Cable Testing & Certification
•Terminations (ST – SC – LC – MTRJ connectors)

Our friendly and knowledgeable installers are ready to hear about your project and requirements. Please contact us for a free site survey and written estimate.

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